Tyre labelling and how it affects your tyres

by chris sanders on 23rd May 2011


Now that the EU Tyre Label system has been with us a few years, we can’t say we are completely happy with it. The intention is great, the reality and results, questionable. You see, tyres are rated for wet grip, which is good, but this won’t tell you how good the dry grip is, which you want if you’re looking at a high performance tyre or track day special. The noise levels are for outside the car, that may be quiet but won’r always mean the same inside the car, not so good.

Take a look at our partner, Tyremen’s, take on tyre labelling, here, and decide for yourself.

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So, back in 2012, the EU brought in a new system to fairly compare the performance of tyres, below, we’ve updated the last blog for you.

A new mandatory tyre labelling system is now attached to all tyres to give consumers more information about the fuel efficiency, wet weather performance and noise levels of new car, van and motorhome tyres. The system was introduced by the European Union and has been officially in place since November 2012. It works in a similar way to the labelling of household appliances with a colour-coded rating, green for ‘good’, red for ‘poor’.


This is great news for the tyre-buying customer, because they are being told more about the tyre they intend to purchase, helping them to make an informed decision. You are now able to compare characteristics of tyres and truly know what you are getting for your money. We think this has proved to be a great development and can only encourage manufacturers to improve their quality even further than before.

The labelling system has been standardised across the full tyre industry, with each manufacturer complying with the same testing procedures. This has ensured consistency throughout the entire tyre market in Europe and a better deal for you, the customer. Previously, manufacturers followed their own testing procedures and rating scores but are working together to create a model that will work for them all.

So, working with our partner Tyremen, we have developed our own system that our customers can use in the meantime. Our labelling is based upon the results of a wide range of tyre tests, customer feedback and personal expertise. If you would like to find out more about our tyre labelling system, head on over to Tyremen or call 08456 807808

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