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by chris sanders on 30th March 2012

I’m actually rather excited to be talking about another new tyre from manufacturer of the moment – Hankook! It was only in January that I wrote a blog post called ‘Are Hankook tyres any good?’ This post talked about the Evo 2012 summer tyre test where the original S1 evo came out in 2nd place. Well under 3 months later and we now await the imminent launch of the S1 evo 2 (K117). If you were in the market for some new high performance tyres and were considering giving Hankook a chance them this will be the one to go for!

This tyre has not yet been officially launched and I probably shouldn’t be sharing info and images but I like my readers to be the first to know. It also appears to have been semi launched in mainland Europe as the new S1 evo2 already has 2 independent tyre test results under its belt!

Firstly in the Auto Bild Max performance tyre test where the S1 evo2 came out 3rd, ahead of Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli & Michelin. A tremendous start for this new tyre, it had the best result on the wet handling course and a strong 3rd place in the dry. Auto Bild also carried out a tyre braking test for 50 different tyres available in 225/45R17, the test looked at braking distances in both the wet and dry. Here Hankook also got the bronze medal, again ahead of premium brands, Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone and the like.

I can’t stress how great Hankook are at the moment, the performance of the S1 evo tyres is up there with the best of them, plus they have the benefit of being very sensibly priced when compared to the poorer performing premium brands.

So a little more about the S1 evo 2:
The tyre is designed to offer the best balance between wet & dry performance. It offers controlled & concise cornering ability when driving at high speeds. The S1 evo 2 satisfies both performance and environmental needs through minimisation of rolling resistance and optimal implementation of the profile. The tyre also provides superior dry performance by optimized block stiffness.

If you’re not familiar with Hankook have a look at my other blog posts, but to summarise:

  • Their S1 evo & S1 evo2 consistently achieve top 3 independent tyre test results
  • The range are original equipment on BMW, Audi & Ford to name a few
  • They offer superior performance at a mid-range price tag
  • Most Hankook tyres sold in the UK are now manufactured in Europe

The S1 evo 2 will be available soon from our partner, Tyremen.

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