New from Vredestein – Sportrac 5

by chris sanders on 28th March 2012

As discussed in previous blog posts ‘Vredestein launch the Sportrac 5’ we discussed the up coming release of Vredestein’s tyre aimed at upper, medium range cars. Well the tyre was officially launched in Budapest so we can now share some more details with you.

The Sportrac 5 replaced the ADAC test winning Sportrac 3, the name of Sportrac 4 was skipped in case of any confusion with their all-season offerings. The Sportrac 5 is extremely quiet and offers excellent handling on wet and dry surfaces. The Sportrac 3 was superb in the wet, but the directional tread pattern does create a certain amount of noise. The new tyre has an asymmetric tread design which offers the reduction in noise that will be important when tyre labelling comes into play later in the year.

The Sportrac 5 was created in partnership with Giugiaro design which has already created successful tyres such as the Sessanta & Cento. Like its predecessor, Sportrac 5 benefits from the Handling Tuned Sidewall (HTS) principle. Together with the firm outer shoulders and robust construction this offers a very sporty driving performance and superior handling.

The Sportrac 5 has four wide circumferential grooves for excellent water dispersal. The distribution of the tyre’s shoulder blocks provides a perfect performance when braking on wet surfaces, while also contributing to the low noise levels (interior and exterior) of the tyre. The Sportrac 5 appears to be the most sporty summer tyre in the current V segment market.

Customers love this tyre and repeat business for our partner, Tyremen, both on-line and in the fitting bays in Hull are excellent.

The tyre is available now from our partner Tyremen.

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