Renault Master van & motorhome wheels

by chris sanders on 19th April 2012

In this post I want to discuss alloy wheel options for use on this popular van which is also often converted into motorhomes and even horse boxes. The information here is applicable to vans built in 2000 onwards, the earlier models have a very unusual set up and we have never found a wheel which fits them.

The Renault Master van comes on standard on 16” wheels, the tyre size can vary depending on the exact model that you opted for but is usually 215/65R16. The vans and motorhomes generally are supplied with steel wheels and we find the most common scenario is that an owner will want to improve the look of the vehicle by fitting alloy wheels.

The simplest and most cost effective way of doing this is to buy a set of 16” van alloy wheels or motorhome alloy wheels and just get your current tyres swapped over – assuming that these are in good condition! Some van owners’ look at increasing wheel size to improve the look further but we rarely do this for the Master. The problem with going up in size to 17” or 18” is that you can’t buy a commercial tyre in these sizes, so all you can fit is a reinforced car tyre. Since these vehicles are large and often designed to carry plenty of weight (especially when converted into a camper) these tyres may not be strong enough for the job really. The smaller Traffic van is a different scenario and upgrades to 17” are common, a wheel such as the Calibre Trek is a popular choice. If you don’t have much weight in your traffic then the Trek wheel is available for the Master and is certainly a stylish choice.

So assuming that you are just looking for a 16” van alloy wheel or motorhome wheel, here is what you want to be looking for:

  1. Strength – You need a proper commercial van wheel that has a high enough load rating for the vehicle. All good retailers should be able to supply this information. Our partner, Tyremen imports a wheel from German manufacturer, Alutec which has a load rating of 1205kg. This is the type of strength that you should be looking for as when multiplied by 4 you get a load carrying capacity of close to 5 tonnes.
  2. TUV approval – This is a European testing authority that checks aftermarket automotive parts to ensure they are suitable for a particular vehicle in terms of sizing, strength and safety. Even though we don’t have TUV in the UK this approval mark signifies a wheels quality and also acts as proof that the wheels are suitable if you choose to tell your insurer of the change in wheels.
  3. Guarantee – As standard van wheels come with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the paint finish. Some of the European alloy wheel manufacturers offer 2-3 years which is more assuring. Alutec van wheels come with a 5-year guarantee which is even more assurance of quality, however when the wheels are looked after and regularly cleaned they will last far beyond the warranty period.

You then just need to check that the wheels will fit! If you are buying from an established retailer then the recommendations should be sound, but this is what you should be looking for:

Pcd, or stud pattern should be 5×130

The back of the wheel need to have a centre bore of 89.1mm (ideally directly drilled without the need for spiggot/centralising rings)

Offset (refers to wheel positioning/how close to bodywork it sits) – this needs to have a value of around 60. You may find this figure stamped on your current wheel, don’t worry if it doesn’t match exactly as the vehicle has a certain amount of tolerance.

Width – wants to between 6″ and 7″

Bolts – aftermarket wheels generally require new bolts so make sure these are included

That’s about really, just now just need to get your new wheels fitted, if you need some help with this our partner Tyremen offers Nationwide fitting via the UK Tyrenetwork.

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