A look at Avon tyres

by chris sanders on 1st May 2012

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In this post I will be having a close look at Avon car tyres to see whether they are a brand worth considering when your tyres need    replacing.

Who is Avon?

They were originally a British owned company that have a solid reputation in making quality tyres. Avon has always had strong links with motorsport and they currently supply Formula 3000 plus have connections with other championships. Back in the day when the UK made some of the finest motorcars in the world Avon was often selected as an equipment tyre. So owners of Bentley & Rolls Royce would have been driving around on Avon tyres – I’m sure they would like to get back to supplying these guys!! In recent years Avon was bought out by American tyre giant, Cooper to form the Cooper Avon group. Avon tyres are still made in Europe and widely available via key distributors in the UK.

What tyres are in their range?

Avon makes a full range of passenger car tyres, the products that you are most likely to come across are the ZZ3, ZZ5, ZV3 & ZV5. The following is a brief description for each of these:

Avon ZZ5 which has been developed, tested and manufactured in Europe. This tyre is designed for ultra-high performance vehicles and driving enthusiasts. Currently the ZZ5 is made in only a select number of sizes in 18” & 19” and is offered with kerbing rings to protect your wheels. The tread pattern is made up of 3 sections, the inner shoulder offers balanced tread wear and enhanced wet grip. The central grooves offer excellent water clearance for great wet grip. Finally the wide outer shoulder delivers great handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Avon ZZ3 is a high performance tyre for sport vehicles and hot hatches! The directional tread pattern offers superb wet weather grip and braking performance. The ZZ3 inspires confidence as it offers predictable on the limit handling characteristics, which allow you to drive hard without compromising on grip. The tyre also has a rim protector to protect your alloy wheels. It is produced in a wide range of sizes for performance vehicles with W & Y speed ratings.

Avon ZV5 is a new tyre which runs alongside its predecessor the ZV3. The ZV5 aims to offer excellent grip and braking performance in wet and dry conditions. It has been designed to offer quiet running with low levels of interior and exterior noise. The tyre has a rim protector to protect your wheels against kerb damage and is available in a wide range of sizes from 15” – 18”.

Avon ZV3 is a mid-range tyre designed for performance saloon cars. The tyre is designed to be super quiet whilst offering fantastic handling even when pushed to the limit. The ZV3 provides great road holding capability and stability. Thanks to the firm outer shoulder blocks this stability is even shown during heavy cornering. The tyre has an asymmetric design and is available in a wide range of sizes that fit many small and medium sized cars.

Are they any good?

Avon is a solid mid-range brand. They don’t often appear in the independent tyre tests so it’s a little hard to rate them in comparison to other brands. They have a great reputation though and customer feedback is always good. Their price is very competitive and generally sits at a similar level to Vredestein, Hankook & Uniroyal. Avon tyres generally last well and the new ZZ5 & ZV5 are often praised for being nice and quiet. Are their better tyres on the market? Well yes there probably is, but if you want a great value tyre that is safe, quiet and will last then Avon tyres may not be a bad choice.


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D.l.sewell October 2, 2013 at 7:44 pm

Just had avon types fitted to my jaguar ,and my first impression was how quite and smooth the drive is ,will wait and see how they wear !


Alan Williams October 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Excellent tyres, just fitted my second set of ZV5′s above the premium brands.
Used to have Bridgestone’s fitted on my Honda Civic but was lucky to get 9000 miles from them, since fitting the Avon ZV5′s I’m easily exceeding 15,000 miles (I don’t tend to hang around and do drive hard).
Very happy with quality, price, road noise & most importantly grip in all weather conditions.


Malcolm Fearn December 3, 2013 at 11:40 am

Fitting ZV5 tyres to myJaguar X type and very pleased with the all round weather performance and stability


Varinder February 24, 2014 at 1:03 am

Just replaced 2 front tyres on my Focus ST. Originally had Goodyear F1′s but the car always felt to skittish and the wear was to high especially for how much they cost. Changing to Avon ZZ5′s has been a revelation. Great grip and feel. I feel a lot more confident driving the car and the reduction in tyre noise over the Goodyears is another plus. Would recommend them to anyone with a performance car.


Mick Stubbs October 1, 2016 at 7:18 pm

Anyone tried the new Avon zv7 xl


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