Choosing the appropriate tyres for winter – tips to remember

by chris sanders on 24th October 2012

Winter will soon be upon us- have you made your basic preparations? You might find yourself turning up the heat, adding a layer of clothing or installing double-glazed windows or investing in a set of winter tyres.

Winter tyres, while not compulsory in all areas, are usually a good decision for the safety of you and your vehicle. Travelling on dark or winding roads in the middle of winter after a fresh snowfall can make for hazardous driving conditions. With a good set of winter tyres you a less likely to lose control of your vehicle and more likely to avoid unexpected animals in your path, swerving vehicles or a sharp curve in the road. When investing in a set of winter tyres, consider these top tips to help you choose the appropriate set for your vehicle.

First, winter tyres are classified as such for a number of reasons. The main reason is a different formula of rubber that does not harden in the cold temperatures. This allows for easy adjustment and better grip on a cold road. Another man difference is the shape and size of the tread. The specific tread on a winter tyre will help maintain a safe level of flexibility in colder temperatures.

As mentioned, winter tyres are not compulsory and in some areas are not necessary for safe winter driving. In cold temperatures or rural roads, winter tyres are always a safe bet. You will find easy traction on winding roads and better flexibility driving over snow and ice. This will help you to stay on course, avoid any collisions from swerving on ice and keep your car safe during winter.

It is also important to choose the right size of tyre for your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for size and specifications to easily identify the correct size of tyre. It’s always best to invest in a complete set of tyres that are all of equal size and shape. This will help your vehicle to be easily navigated through winter conditions. You also might want to avoid purchasing winter tyres that are too large for your vehicle, as this can cause chaffing against the car body as well as interfere with the full range of steering.

You don’t want to end up spending from your personal finances or savings if it is not going to benefit you in the long term so your best bet when investing in winter tyres is to do some research into which set will suit your vehicle best. You may hear that certain brands are better than others, but if the set doesn’t safely fit your car, you will struggle to use your tyres correctly and safely. Look online or in your owner’s manual for the perfect fit size and specifications and pay close attention to the quality of the rubber and tread when making your final purchase. Overall, winter tyres are a smart and safe investment for your safe and efficient winter driving.

Author Bio: Jamie spent his early twenties touring round the UK as an actor and musician. He spent a lot of time writing, up keeping his personal finance blog and advising on how to keep your car safe during winter.

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