Continental TS850 Winter Contact Tyres

by chris sanders on 2nd September 2014

In this post we are going to look at the Continental TS850 Winter Tyre. This is a versatile tyre that fits most makes of car and comes in wheel sizes 14″, 15″ 16″ and 17″.


During the last winter season, this tyre was arguably one of the most sought after on the market. Our partners at Tyremen are building stocks for the 2014/15 winter period.

The TS850 is the next generation from it’s predecessor, the TS830 which claimed three 1st place European winter tyre tests.

Its performance offers:

  1. Even better grip,
  2. Shorter braking distances,
  3. Superb driving performance in wet conditions, snow, slush and ice
  4. Excellent handling on dry roads
  5. Better tyre mileage;
  6. and a reduction in rolling resistance than the TS830.

This tyre will fit most makes of vehicle as it comes in many different size combinations and when matched with winter wheels  this will maintain the natural look of your vehicle.

So why fit this particular tyre over any of the others, or even a, dare we say it, a budget brand?

The Continental TS850 is a mid priced tyre to suit most budgets and offers great pounds per mile value. It has been proven to be an outstanding tyre in its class and recommended by our winter tyre partner Tyremen.

We hope this helps, and should you require any further advice, or would just like to speak to some one, telephone the friendly team at Tyremen on 08456 807 808

The Which Tyres Team

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