Winter Wheels, Steel or Alloy for Your Tyres?

by chris sanders on 6th November 2014

Now is the time to discuss what wheels to fit your winter tyres to.

We know that you will be thinking that there’s a little while yet until winter, well sadly no, it’s mid November already!

So, it’s a good idea to start thinking about winter wheels and tyres, so you can research what’s available and at what prices by clicking here. One of the biggest decisions to make when buying winter tyres is what type of wheel to go for. The options are Steel and Alloy, let’s look at the benefits of both with our partner Tyremen:


Winter Steel Wheels

The major benefit of steel over alloy wheels is that they are cheaper. They are generally produced in smaller sizes so allow for a reduction in wheel size. This means that they are perfect for you if you’re one of the many drivers who like to opt for a smaller diameter wheel for the winter. Many drivers choose this option because a smaller wheel makes for easier and safer winter driving, it reduces the tyre print on the road surface helping to improve traction, grip and shortens stopping distances compared to summer tyres in winter conditions.

Skidding is part and parcel of winter driving and something that drivers worry about. If you are worried about damaging your wheels during winter and don’t want to spend a lot on replacing them if you do, then steel is probably the best choice.


Winter Alloy Wheels

So lets be honest, alloy wheels look better than steel, so if you want your car to look as good as possible then this is the option for you! Alloys are also available in larger sizes so are suitable for vehicles that won’t take a smaller wheel, or you have a down an inch or two. This is usually the large SUV market such as the Audi ‘Q’ range or the BMW ‘X’ range. These are great vehicles and a black steel wheel just will not look right. Alloy wheels come in all sizes and for all cars, so if your in your favourite city car or that SUV, the choice is there to maintain the great look whatever you drive.

The alloy wheels stocked by Tyremen are imported from Germany and are of superb quality. They are finished in hard-wearing paint (ideal for the winter months!) and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Check out the full range of winter tyres at our partner website Once we have finished all of our hard work planning for winter, there will be a full winter wheel and tyre package on the website too – so check back soon! If you can’t wait, call the friendly Tyremen team on 08456807808.


The Which Tyres? Team

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Timothy SMITH October 20, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Good morning

Can you please advise me about tyres for my Mk 4 Golf?

It is currently running on Goodyear VECTOR 5+ 175/80 R14 88T all-season tyres. Goodyear tells me that these are no longer available. I need to replace the front tyres. Your website does not offer any other all-season tyres in this size. Can I put winter tyres on the front (you do show some of these in my size)? And how would I get on if I used winter tyres all year round?

Kind regards

Tim Smith


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