Ford Mondeo, Should It Have Hankook Tyres As Standard?

by chris sanders on 24th April 2015

Ford Mondeo

Hankook tyres are now the preferred partner of the Ford Motor Company to supply tyres as original equipment direct from the factory.

So which tyre has Ford chosen to make the journey in the sales reps car better, well, this one below.


The Hankook Ventus Prime 2 (K115)

Ventus Prime 2 uses leading edge technology developed using a bionic oriented pattern design (Jaguar’s tooth shape) to secure optimum grip.

‘GripTech’ technology is applied to Ventus Prime2 for Premium Performance and it helps to maximize wet handling and braking performance.

Ventus Prime 2 features & construction

Triple-radius profile that maintains maximum grip at top speed or during sharp turns in wet conditions

New Generation Silica Compounding Technologies improve both fuel efficiency and wet performance.

Jaguar’s Tooth Shape Design to Secure Optimum Grip

When accelerating and cornering, optimum shoulder grip is maintained by using Jaguar’s tooth shape design. This feature allows for better handling in all driving conditions.

So when you look at the technical details, then yes, Hankook’s are a great fit for the Mondeo, giving all the reassurance you need on long journeys, short runs, but most of all, when you have your family in the car.

Coming in many size options, this is a tyre that is available for many cars on the roads and supply is good. The tyre stands up well against a lot of the premium brands such as Dunlop and Goodyear but comes in at the mid price range.

Fuel, grip and noise ratings are pretty good on this tyre and for the price, gives great returns and when driven under normal conditions, great mileage from the tyre. In an ever cost concious world, you won’t go far wrong with Hankook tyres.

So yes, Hankook and Ford are a great partnership, we recommend these tyres all day long for their mix of quality and price.

Have you had Hankook tyres fitted to your car, leave a review below for others.

Got a question? Same again, leave it below and we’ll get right back to you.

Hankook’s are available from Tyremen and Jungle Tyres, both official partners of Which Tyres?

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