Hankook Tyres And The Ford Fiesta

by chris sanders on 24th April 2015


Hankook tyres are the main original equipment (OE) tyre supplier for Ford Motors and one of the vehicles that they equip is the Fiesta, the UK’s best selling small car. So you can understand why Hankook do this, it’s a great sales tactic!

Coming in 14″, 15″ and 16″ wheels sizes, these are pretty much standard which makes supplies of tyres great all year round. You should always be able to drive in or order online and not have to wait.

The best thing with the Fiesta is that the wheel sizes have not changed for several years, so if you have a brand spanking new one, or one that’s four or fives years old, no problem.

So which tyres do they fit? Without doubt the most popular fit is the S1 EVO K107, pictured below.


A fantastic tyre, built to be strong, hard wearing and return great mileage.  They give superb grip in the wet and noise levels are very respectable returning good MPG figures. Read more about EU Tyre Label ratings here.

So should you only fit the OE tyres when the time comes to change? It isn’t a requirement, it won’t affect your insurance and nor will it affect how the car handles. But, if you are only changing one tyre, then replace like for like. If it’s two tyres on the same axle, then you can go for a different brand so long as they are rated the same as the ones you take off. This is critical as they are set for your car, click here for the full information.

There are other brands out there in the mid-range to premium price barcket, but steer clear of the very cheap budget brands, they will wear out quicker and after having the Hankook’s on, you will notice the difference.

And that’s the great part, as the tyres are a pretty standard size, there lots of alternatives out there and your tyre dealer will be able to advise what’s best for your car

Thanks for reading, and if you’ve used Hankook’s and want to leave a review, please do so below.

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The Which Tyres? Team

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