Hankook Tyres and the Mini, Is It The Right Combination

by chris sanders on 23rd April 2015


The BMW Mini, a reincarnation of the superb 60′s icon, but a lot of things have changed since then, and most importantly, tyres!

Lots of car manufacturers are now tying up with tyre company’s to ensure that their new models gets the best rubber. Well it’s a great way to sell tyres, more often than not, when you go to replace your tyres people tend to stick with what’s on it.

BMW Mini fit as original equipment (OE) Hankook tyres as they come out of the factory. There is a variation of sizes, 15″, 16″ and 17″ wheels dependent on the model.

So is it a good idea to fit the same again? Is there any issues fitting another brand? Will it affect the car?

Yes, if you’re fitting one or two tyres then it’s a good idea to stick with the same tyre and tread pattern although fitting two to the same axle of a different brand is fine, so long as they are the correctly rated tyre for speed and load.

Doing this will not adversely affect the handling of the car and, contrary to rumour, this will not affect your insurance or the performance of the car.

But what about the tyres? Are they any good or is it just a sales ploy?

Yes and no, yes Hankook tyres are very good and it’s no worse of a sales ploy than the TV adverts that we see during football games.


There are currently five different Hankook tyres fitted to the Mini from the 175/65R15 K425 Kinergy to the 205/45R17 Ventus S1 EVO K110 and all do different jobs based on model, engine and power output, the Cooper being the larger tyre.

Runflats are becoming fitted more with the downside of the spare wheel being taken out. Quite a few drivers are replacing them with standard tyres and an inflation kit which start around £20. There are some advantages of doing this and it has been reported that the ride on standard tyres is less harsh than the more sturdy runflats. Spare wheels are available for some models, and you should check with the dealer or a reputable tyre dealer.

So if you decide to change brands, what’s available? Well, the Mini has pretty standard size wheels and tyres, this is the one thing that they have got spot on, so most of the mid-range to premium brands make tyres, it all comes down to your budget.

Hankook tyres are very good, sensibly priced and are always in stock through our partners Tyremen and Jungle Tyres.

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Gaz December 3, 2016 at 9:05 pm

8000 miles and the tyres are 90% worn. they are rubbish!
they shouldn’t be selling cars with Korean crap on them


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