The Best Tyres For The Hyundai i30? Has To Be Hankook’s

by chris sanders on 24th April 2015

Hyundai i30

The last of the saloon range from Hyundai, the i30.

As with the others, a great car, value for money and well equipped. That’s why they fit Hankook tyres, but which one?

Well, it comes in 15″, 16″ and 17″ wheels sizes so gives a fair few to chose from.

So lets start with the 15″



The K415 is a very good tyre. You can see just by looking at that it’s designed to be hard wearing and perfect for the mid-sized family car.

It offers great grip in dry and wet conditions, handling and braking with the centre rib block is very assured. Low noise levels are also a feature of this tyre, it seems the perfect match for the i30.

Next, the 16″ option. There are two main tyres, the K425 and the Ventus Prime 2 K115, pictured below, although there is limited sizes in the K415 we spoke about above.

Ventus Prime k115

So we’ll concentrate this time on the Ventus Prime 2, sounds like a Transformer and that’s just what it does. Users of this tyre have told our partner, Tyremen, that when they have moved from other premium tyres to this ‘cheaper’ tyre, it really helps the car stick to the road and is assured in cornering, acceleration and braking.

Designed with ‘Grip Technology’ and a specific tread pattern, you can’t go wrong with this tyre. Hankook are also fitting this tyre to the new BMW 1 Series. So if it’s good enough for BMW, well, it’s certainly good enough for the i30.

The last tyre we will review is for the 17″ and it’s the K425 Kinergy

Transit Connect


This is a fairly new tyre and as such, there aren’t a lot of sizes available even if it does come in 14″, 15″, 16″ and 17″ wheels sizes. We think is going to change as it’s proving to be popular and is fitted to at least 10 other models of car.

As you can see, it’s a similar tread pattern to the Ventus and has been developed in the same way, so not really a lot more to say on this one other than it’s a great tyre and highly recommended by us.

Do you have Hankook tyres fitted to your car or van? Leave a comment or review below, we will respond to any questions.

The full Hankook range is available from our partners Tyremen and Jungle Tyres for fitting or delivery throughout the country, .

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