VW Golf in Partnership With Hankook Tyres

by chris sanders on 24th April 2015

VW Golf 2014

Hankook tyres seem to be placing themselves with the major car makers, but why are they doing this? And why are big car makers agreeing?

The answer, quite frankly, is an easy one. Hankook tyres are just very good mid-range equipment.

By putting Hankook tyres on the Golf, it gives the car superb grip and handling and compliments the build quality and exceeds the performance you expect from VW.

So why Hankook and not say, Dunlop or Goodyear? As with any business, cost’s are becoming ever more critical so to find the right part at the right price is, well, the right move.

And that’s exactly what you will do when you need to change your tyres. You might not want to spend a small holiday on them, just a weekend away.

Which brings us to the tyres fitted as original equipment (OE) to the VW Golf. Current sizes are around 195/65R15 and 205/55R16 and the K425 Kinergy is the tyre of choice.



So what’s good about this tyre? Well it has an average fuel rating of E, wet grip is rated between B and C and noise level is a respectable 69db, click here to see what this all means, just take it with a pinch of salt!

This is a great tyre, it grips the road as well as any other and for mid priced, it feels like a premium tyre. Reports are that it returns great mileage during it’s lifetime when driven under normal conditions. Like any tyre, a heavy right foot will not give your tyres longevity.

So if Volkswagen think they’re the perfect fit, then why shouldn’t we?

But, what else could you fit if you didn’t want Hankook’s?

All of the major brands make tyres in these sizes, and by far the one that is the most comparable is the Vredestein Sportrac 5, it’s one worth thinking about and is very popular in Europe.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or if you have used Hankook tyres, leave a review/comment below.

Would you like to talk to someone? Why not call the team at Tyremen on 08456 807808 and they will happily advise you. Or you can order online from Tyremen or Jungle Tyres, our official partners.

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Paul Coueslant December 13, 2016 at 4:59 pm

I’ve had a Mk7 Golf since mid-2014, fitted from new with Hankook. The front tyre grip hasn’t been great from day one and wear at the edges has been severe. Now – at 30,000 miles – it’s clear the fronts won’t pass first MOT in a few months’ time. I’ve recently replaced all four tyres with Michelins and the difference is remarkable. The car instantly feels more stable and safe. What were VW thinking going with the inferior Hankooks?


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