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by chris sanders on 23rd April 2015

Agri Tyres

Here at Which Tyres? we are going to take a look at an ever expanding ‘new’ market.

Agricultural tyres, or, to be more precise, ATV, turf, grassland, lawnmower, inner tubes, tractor, trailer, well everything associated with vehicles that work in any industry with agriculture and more.

Part of the Hull based Tyremen company, they have used their 40 odd years experience to supply by mail order next working day, everything you could possibly need to keep your business moving.

So why would you use these guys and not just get them locally? Well, the chances are, you can fit them yourself and locally, they would have to order them in, and then you will have to go and pick it up, these guys deliver to your door, simply click, pay and receive your products at low prices!

So lets look at what they have to offer.

The mainstay of any grassland based vehicle, the Inner Tube.

Coming in a vast amount of sizes from 10″ to 19″ rims, having these in your stores ensures that punctures are repaired quickly and costs kept down. For home use on your ride-on mower, your Sunday grass cutting will be done quickly.

Available for mowers, golf carts, trailer and just about anything where a tube fits, they stock them.

As we just touched on, lawnmower tyres fall under the Turf Tyre section.

Whether you have a mower, ride on mower or golf course vehicle, you need good, reliable and cost concious tyres. All of the tyres supplied are designed to limit any adverse affect on the terrain you operate on. A golf course relies on its greens and fairways being tip top and quality tyres is the only way to ensure this. With leading brands Carlisle and Vredestein as well as an economy option, you will have the perfect tyre for your vehicle. Always great traction, even on wet grass, they won’t churn, cause divots or damage.

The fun section, ATV and Quad Bike Tyres.

With stocks of Duro and Kenda tyres and tread styles of grippy field work to serious, aggressive off road, rest assured, there is a tyre for every taste and activity.

Good, solid construction methods throughout both ranges ensure a great resistance to punctures and maximum traction either in a field or up to your boots in mud. From soft use to aggressive weekend fun use, they have the right tyres and the right price at the right time.

We’ve covered the small tyres, but what else do they stock?

Farm tyres, tractor tyre and small to very large trailer tyres, in fact, what ever you need, Agricultural Tyres Online have great stock, great brands at great prices.

Visit the site or call, 08456 804 805

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