Which Tyres For The Ford Transit and Connect? Hankook’s Of Course

by chris sanders on 24th April 2015

Ford Transit

Its been around for years, some of us older, sorry, more mature amongst us, will remember it being used in ‘The Sweeney’ and other brilliant cop shows! Today’s just don’t compare……. or do they?

A builders icon, a self movers dream, a minibus, a pick up, a box van, well pretty much any combination that you want, that’s why it is reputably Britain’s best seller, and that’s why Hankook and Ford have joined together to make their products the best for the best.

Ford Transit Connect (8)

New in recent years is the Connect version, a great little mid-sized van that is even sold in America and around the world, it’s no wonder it’s been in production for 40 odd years.

So, businesses need a robust work vehicle, check, but they also need tyres on them that they can get great mileage out of, and is tough enough to deal with building sites, this is why Hankook have joined forces with the Ford Motor Company.

There are two main tyres for both vehicles, and they come in different ratings for weight, speed and extra load. The Transit is fitted as standard with Vantra RA18, pictured below.

Vantra RA18

The Vantra was designed for light commercial vehicles to be robust and offer great mileage. It also gives rolling resistance to push fuel economy and it’s handling properties are second to none.

This tyre is, in reality, a premiun tyre for the price of a mid-range. It has one of the best wet grips due to its wide tread print and aggressive tread blocks, just what you need on site and muddy roads, and for general driving with a full van.

But what about the Connect, surely the tyres for this won’t be as good, after all, it’s just a compact van?

Transit Connect

The Kinergy K425. Comes in standard and extra load (XL) ratings, and as you can see from the picture, has an inner tread pattern designed to be strong and give excellent grip.

This tyre offers a comfortable drive, even with a load in the back and is designed to maximise fuel efficiency. Hankook have developed a ‘Vibration Control’ technology with this tyre and is described as Eco.

Industry standard ratings for fuel, wet grip and noise make it an easy choice, even more so when compared to budget brands that just won’t give you the same performance or last as long.

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