Our Partners Welcome BF Goodrich 4WD and SUV Tyres And We Review Them

by chris sanders on 28th May 2015


Not new to the UK, but not sold in a vast amount of places. BF Goodrich Tyres are extremely popular with the weekend off-roader, but why? Which Tyres? are going to take a look at the 4WD range and what makes them so well sought after.

With four tyres in the range, from the soft road Long Trail T/A Tour, the slightly more aggressive Mud Terrain T/A KM2 to the full on 50/50 road/off road All Terrain T/A KO and KO2. We’ll start with the soft road first.

Long Trail T/A Tour

Long Trail T/A Tour

Produced more for the SUV than the 4WD market, this tyre is all about the road use. The reality is, if you tow a horse box or a caravan, then this is the perfect combination on wet grass at low speed or a dirt track. A reasonably quiet tyre that returns good fuel economy, BF Goodrich have used their knowledge from off road tyres to make a great on road tyre. The biggest asset is the huge amounts of road grip and stability you get around town, on a country road or on the motorway.

This is a very good tyre, the price is also very reasonable, particularly when you compare it to some of the premium brands, it make great sense. For the overall package that you get, we really can’t think there are many other choices out there.

Our next tyre is the Mud Terrain T/A KM2

Mud Terrain TA KM2

Despite the aggressive looking tread pattern, this tyre is designed for the road but to provide added protection and increased side wall stability. Built stronger on the shoulders, this keeps larger, heavier vehicles running where you want them to go. A strong casing construction reduces the risk of punctures and means you can go a little more aggressively off-road than the Long Trail Tour. Good wet grip ratings with some tyres coming in at ‘A’, but this is off-set with average fuel consumption figures.

So what do you get? You get a tyre that can cope with basic off road needs, fields, slightly muddy areas, camp sites and good for towing as it has great traction thanks to the tread blocks. Its the tyre that falls between pure off-road ability whist still retaining great road manners.

Now the All Terrain T/A KO and the KO2 (to be released July 2015)


The most aggressive of the BF Goodrich 4WD range. This tyre is split 50/50 road and off road. With the next version due in July 2015, we hope to see an even better tyre than the current, exceptional one. Why is it exceptional?

This is a tyre that loves to go off-road. The aggressive tread pattern along with the strong outer shoulders and well constructed side walls make sure this tyre is flexible to cope with the changing terrain off road but stable enough for road use. Deep grooves really do clear mud and water well and the supple rubber compound is flexible enough to stop rocks and other large items becoming stuck and potentially puncturing the tyre.

So there must be a downside to these tyres? Yes, there is, but frankly, its the same with any aggressive off-road tyre, and that’s its tyre label ratings. They aren’t brilliant, but you’re paying for a tyre that will keep you moving off-road and behave on tarmac, just good and assured performance and again, the cost is pretty good to. They just seem to be the right mix for whatever use you need them for.

In other parts of the world where BF Goodrich tyres have been more widely available, the reports are just staggering. Places like Australia and America have these fitted to huge pick up trucks for use out in furthest parts of the country, and they do this because of the reliability of the tyres and the mileage they get from them. One Australian reported over 80,000 km’s from a set (around 50,000 miles) on all terrains.

We’ve seen a lot of 4WD and SUV tyres, some refined, some very aggressive, and they are good, but, when you want all and at the right price, then for us, it has to be the BF Goodrich range.

Have you had, used, fitted or know someone who has had these tyres? Leave a review, comment or ask a question, we’ll get back to you.

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The Which Tyres? Team

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Mike October 26, 2015 at 1:52 pm

I have been driving a toyota hilux for 8 years and after 216,000 Km I’m only on my third set of BFG All Terrain T/A KO 31×10.5r15′s. Probably 95%+ on road use, but when off roading I have been up and down the sides of mountains, through forestry, bogland, thick snow and small rivers as well as tearing up and down many beaches. I have never had a puncture and replaced each set when they still had plenty of thread left. These tyres last at least 80,000+ Km a set. There only drawbacks are fuel economy and road noise. Still, I couldn’t recommend them enough. My next set will be the new K0 2′s


Derek Keay October 9, 2016 at 10:05 pm

My tyres – BF Goodrich All-Terrain 265/65R16. First set lasted 55,000 miles on my Mitsubishi Warrior, 99% of which was on the road. Fantastic return for the cost – £120 per tyre in 2011. Amazing grip in deep snow. Sticky on hot summer days. They look the part and if there’s a better all round tyre it must be amazing. Couldn’t hear road noise over the engine and wind, reckon you’d need a smooth 4wd like an X5 or similar to notice….I very much doubt there’s a better all terrain tyre available. I don’t work for BFG, I’ve just never had better tyres!! Two sets for 100,000 miles. Result.


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