Which Are The Best Priced Economy Tyres? Jungle Tyres Reviews Them

by chris sanders on 18th May 2015

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With our new partner, Jungle Tyres, we have long discussed  economy tyre brands and is it really worth buying them over mid to premium brands?

There is a market for all levels of tyres in the current economic climate, but there has to be a limit, and after much ‘discussion’ we have agreed on the two economy brands we like and the reasons why.

The two brands we are going to look at are Kingstar and Nankang.

Kingstar have been around for quite some time and are owned by a firm Which Tyres? favourite Hankook Tyres. A relatively small range but with plenty of sizes they have winter and summer tyres for cars, SUV and vans. We’ll take a look at the SK10, probably the most popular tyre.


In 15″ to 18″ wheels sizes covering all the popular combinations, the SK10 follows pretty standard tread patterns used by lots of manufacturers. But this gives it a pleasing look, and with four tread grooves it has great water clearance. So far so good then? Yes, for a tyre in the lower price bracket, it is surprisingly good. If the tyre label ratings are to be believed, then these are average tyres. We like to take the ratings with an air of caution. The tyres perform a lot better than the ratings suggest.

Levels of wet grip and braking are very good, better than the ‘E’ given, and customers back this up with their reports after use. If there is a downside, then its how long they last. Wear rates can be a little worse that some mid-priced tyres but when you compare this to some more expensive tyres then the wear is very much comparable and more cost effective.

Overall, Which Tyres? and Jungle Tyres like and recommend this tyre and the Kingstar range.

Our next brand to look at is Nankang.

Nankang offer a huge range of tyres from city car, performance car, SUV/4WD, commercial and winter options, a very good range. We are going to look at the very popular NS-2 directional performance tyre.


Nankang Tyres are a Chinese company established around the world and in 1987, the Ford Motor Company approved their factory. Established for 50 years Nankang have refined their tyres and added to the ranges which offer car, 4WD/SUV and van tyres. Performance and comfort is a big part of the products they make and these come in summer and winter models. A vast range, a vast amount of sizes, pretty much a tyre for every car, van and SUV on the road.

So lets look at the performance NS-2 directional tyre. From 14″ to a huge 24″ rim sizes, we do like this tyre. It has great levels of grip thanks to good water clearance and flexible rubber in the central section and strong side walls. But how can an ‘economy’ tyre brand produce a performance tyre? Only premium brands truly have performance tyres? That used to be the case, but now, production methods and good rubber compounds have narrowed the gap.

It lasts well and has a pretty quiet road noise, all in all, we think its the perfect balance of price and quality.

So Kingstar and Nankang are are the top end of economy tyres, and that’s great and the price also reflects this. But, what if you are only driving around town, commuting to work and your car rarely leaves your local area? After all, you maybe have two cars and cost is important to you?

Jungle Tyres offer a range that they call the House Economy brand. A range of tyres that are low cost and come to the market at different times. Named, but not by Jungle Tyres, they are EU approved, and Jungle Tyres approved, and have pretty standard tyre label ratings.

We think our partner, Jungle Tyres are bringing good quality economy tyres to the cost concious driver, good tyres, and in some cases, better than the leading mid-range brands. We don’t all have huge cars and drive 20,000 miles a year, we just need great value, effective tyres to keep us moving without breaking the bank, and these guys have got it covered. Take a look or get in touch with them if you need more information.

Jungle Tyres

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Email: info@jungletyres.com

Have you used Kingstar or Nankang tyres? Leave a review, comment or even a question for others to see.

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