The Yokohama ‘Classic Car’ Tyre For The Mini, The A008

by chris sanders on 21st May 2015


We’ve all seen the new Mini produced by BMW, and yes, its a great modern car, but, what if you want the classic look and feel of the original, then you want the right tyres to go with it.

Classic car tyres is becoming a huge market. With two distinct areas of older cars, the total modification so that only the shell remains or the careful restoration to its natural beauty.

Modern tyres now provide all the grip, stability, handling and fuel economy that just wasn’t thought about 30 or 40 years ago. So we are going to look at the 10″ tyre from Yokohama, the A008.


We all know how much fun an original Mini is, low to the floor, firm suspension and lots of power from the little 998cc engines, enough to put the smile on anyone’s face, 25 or 65 years old. But what does the A008 have to offer and why should it be the tyre you fit, there are other versions and variants to choose from in these sizes?

There are, but here at Which Tyres? and from the comments on various forums, the Yokohama would appear to deliver everything that owners want from a tyre. The levels of wet and dry grip is huge, the outer edge and shoulder keeps the tyre stable whilst the central grooves clear water and maintain traction.

The inner edge has big tread blocks to move water under the car for added grip and handling in the bends and corners. Extra tread features help with movement to keep the tyre flexible, but still maintain grip. There aren’t any EU label ratings to go with this tyre, just what we think and what drivers think.


Its a great tyre, its fun, your Mini will feel like a go-cart when you want fun, and refined and civilised when just driving around. Yokohama did stop producing this tyre for a while, but its available and stocks are usually a couple of days for delivery.

We hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful, but we don’t know everything, we also rely on you.

So leave a comment, review or ask a question that helps other users of this tyre.

The Which Tyres? Team


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