Which Tyres? Reviews The Yokohama Neova Advan V550

by chris sanders on 18th May 2015

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The Yokohama Neova Advan V550 does have good levels of performance but its main priority is comfort and quiet.

Yoko V550

This is a tough tyre from Japanese manufacturer Yokohama, and as with lots of their products, it is very good for the job it does. It has a softer ‘V’ directional tread pattern than others you may find, and this is why it has great levels of wet and dry grip, but with low road noise and a comfortable ride.

All sounds good so far, but is there a catch? It is a very good tyre, not lots of sizes and availability is somewhat limited, but they are out there.  The lifespan of the V550 is also very good, driven well, this tyre can return up to 20k miles from a set which is impressive for a mid-range brand.

Yokohama now produce the Advan Sport V105, the replacement in real terms, and this is approved for use on several Mercedes-Benz cars, direct from the factory. With the move away from the ‘V’ directional to a softer, smoother and quieter asymmetrical pattern, it boasts predominately ‘A’ for wet grip tyre label rating, a vast improvement on the V550 which is a superb tyre, we feel that Yokohama tyres, whatever vehicle you drive, are fully worth the investment.


Have you had the V550 fitted to your car or even moved the the V105? What’s the difference?

Tell us below, leave a review or a comment, we welcome them all.

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Meg October 1, 2015 at 11:15 am

From the very first time I heared its brand, I can really say its manufactured in Japan. Thanks for all the details you added here. Its a lot helpful!


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