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by chris sanders on 14th May 2015

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Yokohama have diversified into a small range of ‘Eco’ tyres under the name BluEarth. Constructed from materials that take longer to wear, have a low rolling resistance and reduces road noise, they are trying to do their bit for eco credentials.

So lets take a look at the BluEarth AE01


The AE-01 has a robust construction yet is up to 10% lighter than a comparable sizes Yokohama tyre. This has given it a lower rolling resistance which in turn improves fuel economy, so far so good.

So is there a catch, and if so, what is it? Good fuel and lighter materials with low road noise only means one thing, the life span may be compromised.  We don’t really know for sure. Drivers have reported 15k miles from a set whilst others have said more. It depends on how you drive and where you drive, like any other tyre. For most drivers, get the maximum out of a tank of fuel often out weighs the end mileage of a tyre if you don’t do a lot of miles each year. Available in sizes from 13″ up to 16″ wheels there are tyres out there for you and when you factor in the reasonable price, they do make good sense.

Our next tyre to look at is the BluEarth AE50


With the same principles as they AE-01, the AE-50 comes in 15″ to 18″ sizes and delivers a lot more performance than the smaller version. This tyre is built for larger cars with that expectation great handling and stability, and it delivers both.

Lots of grip, coming in at between A and B with C for fuel economy in the EU Label Ratings, the compromise is external road noise, which is still not that bad compared to other tyres.

So overall, Yokohama BluEarth tyres aren’t bad, a mid range tyre that can save you money when you buy them and save you money when you use them. With the range expanding, there is now the G055 Geolander SUV tyre, and who would have thought that we would be putting big SUV tyres into an Eco friendly format!

So, have you used Yokohama‘s BluEarth tyres? Did they do everything they said they would?

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