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by chris sanders on 13th May 2015

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In this post, Which Tyres? are going to take a look at the vast range of SUV and four wheel drive (4WD) tyres that are on offer from Yokohama. The range is named Geolander and has tyres for small SUV’s from 15″ upwards to very large aggressive tread ‘mud plugger’ tyres for serious off road use.

So lets take a look at an average road going SUV tyre, built for performance cars.

The Yokohama Geolander Parada Spec-X

Parada Spec X

We say average, but when you look at the tread pattern of the Geolander Parada Spec-X, you would be right to think that this is a performance car tyre. These have been developed from Yokohama’s range of smaller vehicle tyres and brought into much larger sizes with added strength to support the weight, stress and pressures of heavy SUV’s with powerful engines. Feedback from drivers has told us that these are very good tyres and, despite being viewed as mid-range, often out perform the more expensive premium brands. They grip very well and with low rolling resistance, have good fuel economy ratings.

So what about the other end, what about those who seriously like to to go off-road and push the car and themselves to the limit?

The Yokohama Geolander M/T G001


The M/T stands for mud terrain, a go anywhere at pretty much any time tyre. This is an extremely strong tyre with tough tread blocks and a solid belt construction. It is resistant to punctures and cuts, essential when venturing off road.

That’s the official blurb, but is it really true? Actually, yes it is. A lot of the serious off roaders go for the General Tyres ‘Grabber’ versions, but, and this is the crucial part, the Yoko’s are just as good and probably better value in the long run. Customer comments are always good and they return to them when they need replacing.

So we’ve looked at one extreme to the other, great tyres, but you just want a good, performance road going tyre that can tow in a field or a camp site, right?

The Geolander G039 SUV all year round performance tyre.


We think Yokohama have got this tyre just about right. Developed to have lots of wet and dry grip, the shoulders and side walls have amazing amounts of strength and stability. Under test, it handles like a large performance car tyre, lots of grip and great braking qualities. But, it has to be remembered that these are SUV and 4WD tyres, you can’t throw them at bends at very high speeds.

The full Geolander range is;

G001 M/T Mud Terrain Off Road Tyre

G012 A/T-S All Terrain with on road use

G033 SUV Road Tyre

G035 SUV Road Tyre

G039 SUV All Year Performance Tyre

G051 H/T-S Highway and Terrain 4WD/SUV Tyre

G055 High Performance SUV Tyre

G900 Smaller SUV Performance Tyre

G902 SUV Performance Tyre

G91A/V/F Suv Performance Tyre

G95A Subaru/Car 4WD Tyre

G98A 4WD On Road/Field Use Tyre

Parada Spec-X Performance SUV/4WD

With a range as extensive as Yokohama’s, how do they face up against other brands and price brackets?

With tyres from Apollo and Nankang in the lower price bracket right up to Goodyear and Dunlop at the premium price end, Yokohama sit nicely in the middle of of the two price brackets offering the best in cost per tyre with a quality product.

But it isn’t down to us, we don’t use these tyres day in day out, you do. So tell us what you think, leave a comment, review or question below.

All the tyres are either in stock or available to order through our partner Tyremen, they’ll help you get the right tyre.

Thanks for reading and we hope it was helpful.

The Which Tyres? Team

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