Yokohama AD08 and AD08R, Road and Track Tyre.

by chris sanders on 19th May 2015


Do you have a very nice sports car? Ever fancied taking it on a track but not sure that your standard road tyres are up to the job? Try Yokohama

Then let us introduce you to the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 and AD08R tyres.

We’ll start with the Yokohama AD08, as there are subtle differences between the two tyres, although at a glance you maybe wouldn’t notice.


As you can see from the picture above, there is a very distinct tread pattern which features on both tyres. Limited tread grooves and a softer rubber compound provide both tyres with great levels of wet grip for the road and lots of dry grip for the track.

The Yokohama  AD08R differs from the ‘standard’ tyre by increased tread grooves, as you can see between the two images, the Yokohama AD08 has a longer sweep on the tread pattern where as the Yokohama AD08R has been pushed closer together for increased water evacuation on wet track days.

Neova tyre

Shorter sweeps in the tread pattern but more of them, clear debris from wet roads very quickly to maintain the levels of grip you expect from a road going track tyre.

So we have two variations of the same tyre offering the ability to be able to drive to the track, enjoy a blast round and then drive home with a huge smile on your face, so there must be a downside?

Yes, there are a couple, but this is what we like to think of as the acceptable trade off for such a good tyre and the performance it gives on the track, after all, you can’t have everything, right?

As its a semi-slick tyre with limited tread, they tend to wear out quicker than a standard road tyre. Fuel economy is rated at ‘F’ and they can be a bit noisy, but, as we said earlier, its the compromise and its well worth it.

If the wear rate is an issue, then we have found that some drivers will fit them to a spare set of wheels and keep them just for the track day to get the most out of them. But, they do work really well on the road when just running around town and on the daily commute. Here at Which Tyres? we really do like the Yokohama AD08 range, lots of fun at really good prices.

Have you used the Yokohama AD08 range or any road legal track day tyres before? Leave us a comment, review or even a question, we’d love to know just if they are as good as they seem.

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