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by chris sanders on 18th November 2015


Which Tyres?  have spoken about the Vredestein tyre and what used to be a small range called the Classic for older and vintage models.

Well a lot has changed since our last post a few years ago, we still have the Sprint Classic, but in more sizes, we have the Snow Classic and the option of snow spikes and finally the Grip Classic.

Lets start with the Sprint Classic.

With its tread design straight from the ‘golden era’ of motoring, you’s be forgiven if you thought they’d perform in the same way. Not so, these tyres, and the full range, even come with EU label ratings!

It matches well and looks great on vintage models really finishing them off. The label ratings for grip and fuel economy are both ‘E’ but that should be taken with a pinch of salt. They grip well, but just remember, these are made to perform with your car, so whilst you get modern build quality and reliability, there is just the possibility of the label rating compromise. They offer a good, comfortable ride and last quite well, we feel that there isn’t any better vintage tyres on the market.

The Sprint Classic is also available in limited White Wall versions.

Next, we are going to look at the winter variant, the Snow Classic.

To be able to use your classic car in the colder weather just adds to the fun and makes your investment even more worth while. However, unlike some of Vredestein’s cold weather range of tyres, you can’t run these all year round, as a second set they are perfect. What are the benefits of having cold weather tyres? In icy and cold conditions, your summer tyres will lose grip and make the car a bit unstable, even more so if it’s a rear wheel drive. Having the back end throw out on bends and roundabouts may be a little fun, but not all the time. The tread and rubber of the winter versions, ensures you get the grip you need and keeps the power doing what it should, moving the car not doing wheel spins.

Braking is also a big part of the Snow Classic, the added sipes in the tread and the big grooves, keeps the rubber on the road and the snow, slush and water out, increasing braking efficiency, much needed on older cars without modern braking systems. If you take your car into Europe, then chances are you will need to fit these to comply with the laws of certain countries, click HERE to see. This tyre is also available, in limited sizes, as a studded tyre. Please speak to Tyremen as this is not a usual UK tyre.

And finally, the Grip Classic for 4WD

Similar in design to the Snow Classic, it has big tread blocks this tyre can go off road and fulfil the potential of your vintage 4Wd Land Rover.

Although it has the appearance of an old tyre, it has all best that modern design has to offer. A tough radial belt protects against punctures whilst the rubber compound is flexible enough to cope off road and give lots of grip.

Of course, customer feed back is the best review anyone can have, and a few years ago we had a customer that used a combination of Vredestein snow + and Vredestein studded tyres during the Monte Carlo Historique. Here is an account of how they got on with these;

‘We ran the studded tyres from our start point at Reims on the basis we did not want to be changing them after we found we needed them…..! In fact we did the whole event on studs and at the end they still looked pretty well. We did not figure well in the results because our USA style navigation suffered relative to the poor instructions from the organisers, French road numbering and failure of the sat navs to be able to keep up with us when pressing on in the mountains.  We should have had one of the privately produced road books.  Normally organisers give you a road book, but we finished, on the car’s first event, without a scratch and I was able to drive it home the 1000 miles from Monaco.

We were really impressed by the tyres which gave great grip at all times.  At times I had to be careful it didn’t tip before it slid.  They complemented the great handling of the car. So thank you for arranging the supply.  We were very pleased.’

Tyremen are pleased to supply the Vredestein Classic range and the full range of Vredestein tyres, from summer, winter to all season. Which Tyres? do like Vredestein as they are performance tyres at very competitive prices.

Have you used Vredestein Classic tyres? Please leave a review, comment or a question below.

Thanks for reading

The Which Tyres? Team

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great pictures! Yeah, ever since I steartd my blog I find myself thinking “This would be a nice place for a ‘fashion shoot’ for the blog” when I’m taking a walk or something… You have a beautiful face!


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