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by chris sanders on 19th March 2016



Vredestein launch an A rated summer premium tyre

Those clever tyre technologists at Vredestein have been at it again. Not content with producing a range of award winning tyres such as the multi award winning Vredestein Sessanta summer tyre, the multi award winning Snowtrac 3 winter tyre and the award winning all-season Quatrac 3 range – they’ve pushed the boundaries yet again! Unbelievable.

At the Geneva international motor show this week they have launched an impressive summer tyre; the Ultrac Satin. Their first ‘A’ rated tyre for wet grip and ‘B’ rated for fuel economy. This is a huge progress for the ever impressive range, comparing a popular size 245/40r18 98Y Vredestein Ultrac Satin to the comparable Ultrac Cento with label data of ‘C’ for wet grip and ‘C’ for fuel economy.

This high-end premium Vredestein tyre is aimed at highline cars and SUV’s and is available in a wide variety of sizes 16”, 17” and 18”.

What makes the Ultrac Satin so special?
•    Excellent grip on wet surfaces, ‘A’ rated tyre label for wet grip.
•    Low rolling resistance and made with innovative and sustainable tyre technology, increasing performance and reducing CO2 emissions.
•    Z-shaped grooves in the tread and traction-enhancing resin allow for massive amounts of grip and handling on wet roads.
•    An oval footprint combined with an asymmetrical tread improves steering precision and control.

Data via Vredestein:

  • Superior braking power: 3.3-meter shorter braking distance at 80 km/h and above*
  • Comfortable, precise and controlled steering performance
  • 12% better handling on dry surfaces*
  • 10% better handling on wet surfaces*
  • Low rolling resistance = lower fuel consumption & reduced CO₂ emissions
  • 100% A-label for braking distance on wet surfaces,
  • Rolling resistance (C/B) and low exterior noise level (71 dB)
  • Available in sizes from 16 to 18 inches, speed codes W and Y
    (more sizes up to 20” are scheduled for later this year).

* Compared to predecessor Ultrac Cento (size: 245/40R18 Y) in internal tests.

Thanks Jungle Tyres

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eric roberts March 26, 2016 at 12:42 pm

Hi, it is good news that Apollo is still interested in Vredestein tyres. I was pessimistic about the future of Vredestein, perhaps I was wrong? only time will tell?? eric Roberts.


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