Nexen tyres on the move up!

by chris sanders on 26th May 2016


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Nexen Tyres have been ranked fourth in the Passenger car segment, Nexen tyres is now a leading and global tyre brand. In the 2016, J.D Power Original Equipment tyre customer satisfaction study, Nexen ranked fourth out of the other 12 Manufactures. This achievement is a massive improvement on last year’s report and really displays the remarkable growth of Nexen Tyres. Nexen say this is down to their continues investment which enables them to continue and improve the quality and technology of the tyre.

There is five key factors regarding the tyre satisfaction study.

  1. Tyre wear
  2. Tyres Ride
  3. Tyre Traction
  4. Handling
  5. Tyre Appearance

Nexen increased by 85 points in the Tyres wear categories compared to the 2015 study. Reports suggest tyre wear is what customers consider the most important factor.

Key models,

Nexen N Blue Tyres

Nexen N Fera Tyres

Nexen N8000 Tyres

Nexen N6000 Tyres

Nexen CP661 Tyres

Nexen Roadian HP Tyres

Nexen CP321 Van Tyres


We are pleased to see Nexen improving in this way. For many years, Nexen have been part of our stock, and it will remain for a long time to come.

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