Winter is coming fast do you need winter tyres?

by chris sanders on 10th November 2016

Now the scare of snow is here and before the UK comes to a standstill it is time to think, are my tyres safe?

Not using winter tyres can increase your chances of having an accident in the winter months. Below are some very good reasons why you should.

There is three different types of tyre on the UK market summer, winter and All Season, many motorist are unaware of the place these three very different tyres sit in terms of seasonal use. Let us look at the differences between the tyres.

  1. Summer tyres – Summer tyre yes you’ve guessed it are for summer use and have no real winter driving capability’s, great in dry weather and some are outstanding in the wet, but only function properly in conditions and temperate about 7 degrees. The temperature plays a big roll on the performance a tyre can offer, driving summer tyres on a road were the temperature is below 7 degrees will dramatically effect braking distances, handling. All this is down to the compound mix of the tyres, which stiffens up and loses its flexibility when temperatures get below 7 degrees.

  1. Winter tyres – A winter tyre is noticeably different to a summer tyre as they are very aggressive looking covered in lines these are called sipes and pointy edges. All this aggressiveness is there for a reason, the sipes open enabling the tyres to bit into the snow and ice resulting in better traction and handling, the real magic is in the compound mix of the rubber, the use of more natural and silica allows the tyre to remain flexible in sub-zero temperatures. Giving the user the confidence to drive in snow and Icey conditions.

  1. All-season Tyres – An All-season tyre is a compromise between summer and winter tyres, when looking at the more traditional all-season tyres the tread is split into two half’s one side to deal with snow and slush and the other to deal with dry and wet conditions in the warmer summer months. This makes us come to the conclusion if you need winter tyres then you should by winter tyres as you are not going to get the full benefit using an all-season tyre.

If you are unsure which tyres best suites you, please give us a call 08456 807 808 and we will be happy to help.

Drive safe 

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