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by chris sanders on 20th April 2018

The proper operation of your brakes is crucial to avoid serious and expensive problems down the road. We supply and fit only the best quality brakes for your vehicle so that you can have peace of mind the job will last. Whether you require pads, shoes or new brake disc’s, you can have your Brakes fitted in hull @ Tyremen Ltd 01482 328800

Indication’s you may have a problem:

1, When pressing your brake pedal, you hear a grinding noise and maybe you can feel this in the brake pedal.

1, Probable cause: Brake pads / Shoes have fully worn down, to avoid more damage please get them checked and replaced if necessary asap.

2, When pressing the brake pedal, you get a shaking effect through the steering wheel.

2, Probable cause: warped brake discs, warping is a normal term for bent out of place. What people really mean by disc warping is the discs surface becomes uneven caused by heat mainly.

The brake pads get to hot from hard braking or riding the pedal for a prolonged time, the pad can leave deposits on the disc leaving the surface uneven.

Worn disc, wearing down the surface of the disc can unveil hard spots in the metal, which will wear away slower then the softer metal, causing an uneven surface. A slight difference in the surface of the disc will be massively exaggerated through the steering wheel.

They are many different reasons to why your brakes may need looking at.

For any reason you may think you have an issue please don’t hesitate in calling us on 328800


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