Beautiful Classic tyre for a Beautiful Classic car

by chris sanders on 5th July 2019

Vredestein Sprint Classic is a very popular and well regarded Classic car tyre and for many years we have sold these little gems.

Many people ask “what is the difference?” and “can I use a normal tyre?” The answer to the normal tyres is simply “yes” you can, now the answer to the difference may make you consider the classic tyre.

Back in the 50’s & 60’s for example tyres were small, narrow and pretty rubbish to say the least, millage was poor and the grip was shocking. In the last 50+ years tyre technology has moved on massively and I mean massively. The main difference is the construction from cross ply to radial which is 100% safer then Cross Ply tyres. To see if you have radial tyres fitted to your car is very easy, take the very popular classic tyre size 165/80R15 please note the R in the size this indicates a radial tyre. Cross Ply tyres have another format for example 590-15 shall we say this is the old equivalent to the newer radial size 165/80R15.

Not only has the construction improved and safer, the tread and appearance has also changed. To a tyre fitter a cross ply tyre can be spotted a mile away due to the tread designs or lack of it. The modern tyre comes in an array of designs Directional V shaped tyres, Tread that swoops left to right and some that are a mixture of the two, not really a fitting look for your Classic car. A very good example is the two following links, the Vredestein T-Trac 2 vs Vredestein Sprint classic both the same size but two very different designs from Vredestein.

As you can see Vredestein have come up trumps, starting with the Vredestein Sprint +, now replaced with Vredestein Sprint Classic, I say now, it has been the sprint classic for some time. The Sprint classic tyres are produced using radial construction and modern day technology and believe me Vredestein know how to produce a good tyre. Vredestein have produced these superb tyres with their vast knowledge and technology delivering a tyre with long millage and huge grip. You will be familiar with is the tread pattern which is very Cross-ply looking to keep with the classic and vintage look, but this is the only similarity, hidden underneath is the safer radial construction.

The big difference between the Vredestein Classic tyres and other manufactures, such as Michelin, Dunlop or Pirelli (which is probably what your car was fitted with originally), none of these tyres are produced by the company that is written on the side wall. The tyre moulds were sold to various companies for reproduction and these are not massive companies with millions in the bank to spend on improving the tyres performance. The tyres are brand new and very safe, yes, but have not been improved for many years. Unlike the Vredestein Sprint Classic, a modern day classic tyre with todays construction and technology.

The Vredestein slogan “Designed to protect you” is very fitting in this case.

Be safe,


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