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We have many years of experience in the tyre industry. We review both summer and winter tyres and also have a dedicated site, Winter Tyre Reviews to look at winter tyres only. Our opinions and reviews are based on a number of factors; personal experience, customer feedback and a balanced view of the many tyre tests that are carried out in the UK and across Europe. We have selling experience both nationally through our websites and also locally at our retail site, Tyremen in Yorkshire.

This local retail experience gives us a great insight into the longevity of the tyres that we supply, a vital piece of information that is lacking from test reports and many other review solutions. Also because of the nature of the tyre business, we get great feedback on all aspects of the tyres performance from our customers, both local and internet.

Prior to the launch of this site we struggled to know where to direct customers that wanted to read further about the tyres that we were recommending. We could send them to a tyre test report but the results can be rather varied, inconsistent and dare I say, fixed? Other tyre review offerings contain some useful user feedback, but lack some of the finer points that are delivered here.

Which Tyres? offers the ideal solution for drivers considering which tyres to use (summer or winter), a view from the experts plus some good honest feedback from customers that have used them in a range of conditions. We trust you find this useful and once you’ve used your tyres, please leave a review for all to see.

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David Cartwright November 10, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Hi I have a new BMW 118d M Sport with the special brake pack which I understand means I need 17″ wheels. Is that correct? What have you got to offer in Alloys that are very similar to the standard alloys? Is there a steel wheel that can be used during the winter months? I know they will not look particularly good but will be a lot cheaper. Can you send prices per wheel with no tyres for both steel and alloy?



Jason Stevens-Read November 10, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Hi David,

Nice car, and yes, you need to be careful with the brakes on the M. I have attached two links to 17″ wheels that we supply for your car. Whilst not BMW wheels, these are good alloys that will look great on your car.

Steel wheels in 17″ are not readily available, but as you will see, prices are competitive.



If you need any further advice, ring Chris on 08456 807808 and he will be able to help



Which Tyres?


Anthony November 27, 2014 at 9:08 am

Great article, we definitely take winter tyres fore-granted.. most people think they’re just for snow, but they’re not… I read the other day that 1 in 6 people have an accident over the winter months because of the conditions on the roads… winter tyres might help to lower this number!



Bob December 29, 2014 at 7:12 pm

I have a Subaru OUtback 2013 model diesel which I am looking at getting a set of winter wheels for do I have to use 17” wheels for this model as this seems to be the manufacturers specification?


Jason Stevens-Read January 2, 2015 at 10:25 am

Good morning and sorry for the delay, a short break for New Year!

There is a 16″ option available for most Subaru models with the correct stud pattern and this is the same as the Legacy. However, the main issue is the brakes and if the wheels will fit over them. This has always been an issue as Subaru like to fit large brakes to their cars.

There is a 17″ option coming with 215/50R17 tyres, the wheels have an offset of 38 and a PCD of 5X100 which are correct for your car, again, the brakes need to be checked.

Follow this link showing what’s available http://www.tyremen.co.uk/product/72334/poison–subaru—legacy-2009

The best guy to speak to is Chris at Tyremen, he will advise you and source anything you may want, call him on 08456 807808

Happy new year


Which Tyres?


Sheil Wilson May 6, 2016 at 8:01 pm

I have. Mercedes C class 220d estate, October 2015 model, it has run flat tyres, can I put ordinary tyres on these wheels, or would I need different wheels and tyres. Could you advise please.
Thank you


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