Car Exhaust Hull

by chris sanders on 5th December 2016

Car Exhaust Hull 01482 505526 / 01482 328800


Car & Van Exhaust supplied and fitted in Hull.

For over 50 years now, Tyremen have been supplying and fitting car and van exhausts to the lovely people of Hull, so you can be sure we know what we are doing. If you are in need of a front pipe, middle box or tail pipe we are here ready and waiting.

We do not just fit brand new exhaust.

  1. We can replace worn exhaust rubbers and exhaust mounts.
  2. Reposition your exhaust “when its knocking against the floor or causing a vibration”
  3. Exhausts can just come loose and make a noise were a simple reseal and tighten will sort this problem.

If you have an inquiry please do not hesitate give us a call on 01482 505526 / 01482 328800.



The exhaust is made up of a few different pieces, the most expensive part is the catalytic converter or cat for short. The cat contains precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

How a catalytic converter works.

Before catalytic converters were developed, waste gases made by a car engine blew straight down the exhaust tailpipe and into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter sits between the engine and the tailpipe, but it does not work like a simple filter: it changes the chemical composition of the exhaust gases by rearranging the atoms from which they are made:


  1. Molecules of polluting gases are pumped from the engine past the honeycomb catalyst, made from platinum, palladium, or rhodium.
  2. The catalyst splits up the molecules into their atoms.
  3. The atoms then recombine into molecules of relatively harmless substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water, which blow out safely through the exhaust.




Inside a catalytic converter.



Give us a call or pop in we’d be happy to help with your exhaust inquiry. Tyremen, Witty Street, Hull, HU3 4TX, TEL: 01482 328800




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