We’ve put together some of our top tyre tracks from the likes of Rihanna, Roy Orbison, Foo Fighters, Prince, Britney Spears and Queen. Hook them up to your car radio, turn the music up and enjoy these great car-themed tunes!

Listen to the playlist here.

Track list:

Shut up and Drive – Rihanna

(You Drive Me) Crazy – Britney Spears

Ride Wit Me – Nelly City Spud

I Drove All Night – Roy Orbison

Drive Slow – Kanye West Paul Wall GLC

One For The Road – Arctic Monkeys

We Ride – Rihanna

Let’s Take A Ride – Justin Timberlake

Driving – Everything But The Girl

Wheels – Foo Fighters

Car Wash – Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott

Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett

Driving In My Car – Madness

Little Red Corvette – Prince

Ridin’ Dirty – Chamillionaire

I’m In Love With My Car – Queen

JCB – Nizlopi

Happy listening, folks!


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